PRIME Online

First impression is the best impression. A web software that doesn't always need your own PC/laptop with you. You can use it anywhere, at home, office, in cyber cafe or at client's place. You just need internet connection and we have the most user friendly online insurance software. We have developed this web based software with best available features along with a user friendly & easy to use interface. This proven software solution helps you to be more productive in this competitive world.

Online Intimation with Scheduler (Integrated with PRIME D.O. & Agent)

  • customer through e-mail / sms (scheduler) of all intimation regarding premium due (premium amount wise scheduling option), premium outstanding,Online reminders enable you for automatic reminder to your privilege
  • Policy maturity, Lapse policy, SB due, etc.
  • Customizable schedule frequency (Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly)
  • Agency year end and Agency renewal reminders.(Integrated with Prime D.O.)
  • Online Greetings - An automated System to wish your clients (e-mail and sms) on their B'days and Anniversary as per your scheduling .


  • Home Page - Achievements, Picture gallery Profile, Testimonials, Contact
  • Calculators - Financial & Insurance
  • Learning Centre - Why insurance, Investment policies, Real case study, 52 reason why should you buy life insurance.
  • Recent Updates, Industry News

Client Login & Reports

  • Admin Login & Agent Login - (Integrated with PRIME Agent)
  • Admin Login & Agent Login - (Integrated with PRIME D.O.)
  • Online Portfolio - Intimation, Reports, Scheduling
  • Periodical Reports - Lapsed policy statement, Multiple due statement, Maturity statement, Premium due statement, Premium outstanding statement, Paid up policies, S.B. due List,
  • Personal Reports - Policy register, Policy status, Agent register