PRIME DO is an end-to-end software solution to all the issues surrounding Development Officers. This software can easily maintain data, calculate premiums, calculate and print agent commissions. It can also import policy data, make plan presentation even more better. It is a must tool for all agents because it can generate due premium, lapse policy, client details and various other reports also. This Insurance DO software is incredibly low at cost and all its updates are free for lifetime.


  • Single page plan presentation with yield, risk cover, surrender value, loan value, tax rebate & re-investment returns
  • Death claim calculator
  • Joint age calculator
  • Intimation of various dues whenever system starts with letters (Premium due, Survival benefit due, Maturity due, Lapsed policies)
  • Intimation of birthdays and marriage anniversaries with greetings
  • Seasonal greetings
  • Database maintenance of other investments with maturity intimation (FDR / GIC / KVP / NSC / MIS)
  • Commission claim (P.P.F. & Post office)
  • Auto update feature and Online policy status.



  • Agent List Issue Date wise, Renewal Date wise)
  • Agent's Business History (Policy Data wise, Business Data wise)
  • Agent's Income (Agency wise, Appraisal year wise)
  • Agent's Ranking (Sum assured wise, No. of lives wise, Premium wise, Plan wise, Mode wise) Name wise, Appointment Date wise,
  • Policy register
  • Policy status
  • Proposal register
  • Prospective agent list
  • Mailing label
  • Target v/s actual


  • Specific plan presentation (With choice of multiple cover pages)
  • Endowment special
  • Human life value
  • Keyman insurance information (Presentation & questionnaire)
  • Insurance v/s market investments
  • Money back special
  • Multi-companies comparison
  • Multi-plan presentation
  • Partnership insurance
  • Budgeting (premium wise / sum assured wise)
  • Product returns spreadsheet
  • PRIME plans (child care, happy family, kanyadaan, old n joy, lifetime care, personal pension plan i / ii / iii / iv, secure invest, secure family, tax saver)
  • Life events planner (education / property /marriage / retirement/ crorepati)


  • Advance premium calculation
  • Back-dating interest calculation
  • Death claim calculation
  • Fixed deposit calculation
  • Inflation calculation
  • Joint age calculation
  • Late-fee/ revival calculation
  • Loan value calculation
  • Maturity calculation
  • Medical requirement calculation
  • Premium calculation
  • Recurring deposit calculation
  • Sum assured calculation
  • Surrender value calculation


  • Credit statement (Date wise)
  • Gap credit statement (Date wise)
  • Appraisal statement (Date wise)
  • Premium due statement
  • Premium outstanding statement
  • Lapsed policy statement
  • Paid-up policies statement
  • Non paid-up policies statement
  • Multiple due statement
  • Maturity statement
  • Survival benefit statement


  • Dev. officer to company correspondence (Branch wise)
  • Dev. officer to agent correspondence (Agent wise)