PRIME CLIA is the only software specailly designed for Chief Life Insurance Agents. It is cost effective, powerful, trusted and appreciated by many users all over India. It is able to maintain customer data, receive premiums, calculate and print agent commissions, create plan presentation easily. Following are some of its features that this software can do.


  • Single page plan presentation with yield, Risk cover, Surrender value, Loan value, Tax rebate & Re-investment returns
  • Database maintenance of other investments
  • Prime plans
  • Multi-plan presentation
  • Endowment special
  • Premium budgeting
  • Plan features / rules in brief
  • Insurance v/s other investments
  • Maturity calculation
  • Surrender value / loan value calculation
  • Medical requirements calculator
  • Premium calculation
  • Late fee and revival amount calculation
  • Greetings for birthday, anniversary, festivals & new year
  • Human life value
  • Keyman insurance information
  • Auto update feature and Online policy status.


  • Supervised agent list (Name wise, Appointment date wise, Issue date wise, Renewal date wise)
  • Supervised agent's business history (Policy data wise, Business data wise)
  • Supervised agent's target v/s actual performance
  • Supervised agent's income (Agent wise, Appraisal year wise)
  • Supervised agent's ranking (Sum assured wise, no. Of lives wise, Premium wise)


  • CLIA benefit statement
  • Policy registers
  • Policy status report
  • Premium due statement
  • Premium outstanding statement
  • Lapsed policy statement
  • Multiple due statement
  • Survival benefit due statement
  • Policy maturity statement
  • Paid-up policy statement
  • Non paid-up policy statement
  • Business analysis
  • Commission statement
  • Commission pending statement