Prime Agent

PRIME Agent is a powerful, complete software made for insurance agents. It is renowned as the Most User Friendly Insurance Software by Life Insurance Agents and trusted by many users all over India. If you are an insurance agent then PRIME AGENT can help you to store data of your clients. In addition, you can create plan presentation to convince new customers. PRIME AGENT is an advanced software solution that organizes and improves the productivity of Insurance Professionals. It is full of features that are designed to make your work load easier and more organized. PRIME AGENT is incredibly low at cost and all its updates are free for lifetime. PRIME AGENT has become first choice for all those people which speaks volumes for our product. Following are some of its features.


  • Personal income & expense system
  • Part payment of premium with report
  • Intimation of various dues and greetings whenever system starts
  • Database maintenance of H.F.L. (Housing finance ltd.)
  • Database maintenance of P.P.F., Post office and general insurance.
  • Database maintenance of other investments with maturity intimation (FDR / GIC / KVP / NSC / MIS)
  • Multiple agencies supported
  • Auto update feature and Online policy status.)


It is competitive world and you need to get ahead. It is time to do some high quality innovative presentation for your clients. If you are having some innovative ideas then we are giving you a tool from where you can make an innovative and different presentation .


Send your routine intimations and reminders, quickly and cost-effectively compose your own messages for various occasions too ! send single sms or group sms or select specific client / prospect group scheduling of sms, sms merging, and lots more to enjoy smsing...


  • Agent to client correspondence (Family wise / client wise)
  • Client to company correspondence (Branch wise)
  • Agent to company correspondence (Branch wise)
  • Built-In letters (Family wise / client wise)


PRIME AGENT is the ultimate solution for all your agency development and back office work management needs. It is full of many unique features, carefully designed to make your work better, smarter and efficient.

Pre-sale Support modules
  • Presentation and illustration for single plan, combinations,.........etc.
Sales Support modules
  • Correspondence system for intimations
  • Special unique family presentations
  • Advance premium and maturity installment statement with quotations
Post-sales support modules
  • Clients & family management
  • Policy management
  • Customer servicing tools
  • Comprehensive insurance chart for individuals & family
Other support modules
  • Insurance calculator
  • HLV calculator
  • Loan, surrender, late fee etc calculator
  • Inflation calculator


In the business of insurance consulting, success depends on creating a strong impression in your clients mind. you do just that with PRIME plans, a set of carefully prepared combinations to satisfy various needs of your clients.

  • Several ready-made combinations for satisfying various client's need like retirement, children education, children future planning, wealth creation & planning for future generations.
  • Suitable for people in various financial segments & age group.
  • Very attractive and easy presentation formats that your clients will not only like but love to receive.
  • You can make pension plan from any kind of plan as per your choice with personal pension plan iv.